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Android Mini PC - Turn your TV into Super Smart TV

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Quick Overview

Turn your ordinary HDMI TV into a Smart, Wifi enabled internet center. Equipped with Dual Core CPU, latest Android Jelly Bean operating system, 8GB internal storage and expandable up to 32GB microSD. Watch your favorite online movies, share pictures, play games and browse websites with this Android TV dongle.


If you're like most TV users, you probably channel switch the same familiar TV channels day in, day out. Have you wondered you can turn your TV into a super smart TV that delivers entertainment beyond TV channels?

Imagine a super smart TV that gives you the luxury to download thousands of apps just like your mobile apps or tablets?

What if you can plug in a fully enabled super media system into your TV and instantly, you can freely surf web, play games, read email, update your social media and do everything that you can do with your PC, mobile or tablet but with greatest performance on your TV set?

In the next 2 minutes, we are going to show the secrets to download thousands of apps into your TV and experience a whole world of entertainment!

No need PC, tablets or tired of looking at the small screen mobile; with this special media system, you can bring your entire favorite right to your large screen TV!


Watch Any Movie and Shows Anytime You Want

Imagine: you are stuck with a local drama you don't like. There is nothing you can do. Instead of hitting to sleep early, what if you can spruce up your TV by downloading new movies and watch to your heart content?

Instead of resigning your TV to what's only available, what if you could demand any drama or movie at your whim?

Enjoy Something New Every Day

Feeling bored over your local TV shows? Wish you can do more with your TV? What if you can use TV to show what interest you?

Let us show you how to use your TV to download shows your local station has never played before! Whether it's a movie you are excited about , a comedy to brighten your day, update yourself with a quick news video or even mesmerize over your favorite music video, you can have all you want on demand!

Simply search, download, play and be entertained! Never Miss Your Favorite Shows Again.

Download Movies in High Definitions*

Wish you can watch movie on your TV? It's made possible now! We are going to show you thousands of new ways to add variety to your TV without stepping out of your house! Take a TV break and download new movie without hitting the cinema! Relax at your couch or simply lazy on your bed, click to watch your favorite movie without any extra charge!

No Limit To What You Watch*

There is more to it than just movies! With this super media plug in, you also get instant access to unlimited movies, TV shows, variety program, comedy, sports and news that offers so much more than your current TV channels. Use this special media plug in to find your favorite, download and click play! Watch it now or watch it later, up to you! Anytime of the day without the boring replay or same TV channels!

Transport Youtube Videos / Movies To Your TV

It's Saturday and your kid wants to take over your laptop or PC to watch his favorite Mickey Mouse cartoon. But you need to use the PC for work. What if you can simply plug in this super media gadget to your TV and load Youtube right before your eyes? Your favorite video need not confine to just PC or mobile for personal viewing. Now you can easily play and watch your favorite video on your TV! Yes, only with this super media plug in!

Play Thousands of Games in HD

From Angry Birds, puzzle games, bubble fun, to strategy games, this special media plug in also knows how to entertain you and your whole family for a good time! Wouldn't games look more adrenaline and exciting on your TV than on your phone or tablets? Top games apps help you sneak in a quick energizer on your movie break!




View Your Photos/Videos On A Large Screen

You like to flaunt your photos to your family but having them to view photo in a small screen digital camera is difficult and least enjoyable. With Android Mini PC, You can now take photos, shoot memorable videos, and show it off on your TV without the restricted size of any mobile phone or tablets! You can even sync it with your Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, Photobucket and many more...!

Read/Reply Your Emails On Your Big TV Screen!

Maybe you have to fight with someone else for the PC to check your email when both of you want to use PC at the same time. What if you can download all your emails into this small device so that you need not always have to stay in front of your PC? Imagine replying emails at the comfort of your bed!

Android Mini PC

Android Mini PC is an Android powered gadget that instantly turns your TV to Smart TV. Like the size of your palm, this ultra-powerful smart gadget holds over 675,000 apps that are downloadable with a click!

With huge capacity of apps, you will surely find what you want from Angry Birds, Youtube, Facebook to All Your Favorite Indispensable Apps all running in your TV!

Whether you are a news junkie, movie enthusiast, music buff , gamer, social media lover or simply like to surf web, Android Mini PC has all apps you want. Just search, download and use them from your TV!

But Wait! There's More...Android Mini PC can also:

- Surf the Internet To Your Heart Content
- Watch Your Favorite Videos
- Stay connected on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media networks
- Download books to your TV
- Stay current on breaking news
- Live Sports Update
- Sync and manage your Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents


......And many more...Everything You Can Imagine Right On Your TV!

Here are just a few apps out of the thousands available

No technical knowledge is required. It's Easy as ABC!

Just plug in the HDMI cable, your favorite USB mouse or keyboard, connect to the Internet via Wifi and minutes you will instantly transform your TV into a Android Mini PC! Anytime if you wish to turn back to your conventional TV, just click the channel button on your TV remote control.

With hundreds of thousands of apps in one place, Android Mini PC instantly transforms your TV into a Smart TV. Easy to access, easy to search and easy to download, you are guaranteed to be entertained!

Plus, it's so portable, you can plug in any TV in your house or outside for instant access. Bring it on your vacation and watch your movie in the hotel room, on a cruise or anywhere with a TV, plug in and be entertained instantly! No more heavy laptops for your vacations.

Why your Android Mini PC

- Instantly Turn any TV into a Stunning Smart TV
- Transport Your Mobile/Tablet/PC Interest To Your Android Mini PC
- Unlimited Download and Enjoy Any Movie, Shows and Video!
- Web Surfing, Social Media, Music, Games, Emails, Photo and So Much More!
- Compact and loaded with over 675,000 apps
- Unlimited apps download!
- Fully powered and supported by Android, trusted by the world
- Easy to use, no technical knowledge is required!
- Intuitive user interface.
- Amazing Value. Unlimited Entertainment And News At An Unbeatable Price!
- Constantly receive the latest version of apps update and release
- Spruce up endless entertainment with a remote control click
- No Ads or Spyware!
- No Recurring charges ever!


• Dual-Core A9 Processor
• 1GB RAM Memory
• 8GB Internal Storage
• micro SD support up to 32GB
• Wireless LAN + Bluetooth 4.0
• Mini HDMI Output
• Android Jelly Bean OS


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