2 Port USB 2.0 KVM Switch W 2 Cable for Mouse Keyboard Monitor LCD LED Sharing *5419*

• Plug and play: No software required. One keyboard, mouse and montiro control 2 computers
• High quality cable support Max. Resolution: 1920×1440
• Easy to use: Switch between computers by press a button on the KVM switch
• The high-quality new chipset, effectively reducing the computer crash, mouse and keyboard freezed
• with a USB console port to share a USB device



2 Port USB KVM Switch With 2 Set Cables

One console controls 2 computers from one monitor, keyboard and mouse.
Shares USB device, 1 keyboard, mouse and monitor with 2 computers.
No software required
Support SVGA, VGA, and Multi-sync Monitors
LED displays monitor status
No external power needed
Shares USB device such as USB Printer, USB Scanner, USB Flash Drive, USB HUB and etc …

High quality cables
Computer Port: 2
Console Port:3
USB Port: 5
Computers Supported: 2
Keyboard Emulation: USB
Mouse Emulation: USB
Keyboard Input / Output: USB
Mouse Input / Output: USB
VGA Input / Output: High Density D-Sub 15 pin
LED indicators: 2

Package included:
1 X 2-Port USB KVM Switch
2 X Cables set

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