4554-USB Wireless Controller Audio Adapter Receiver&Transmitter Supports Voice Calls


The product is powered on by default in the transmit mode.
The product is easy to operate and is free to send or receive all  audio.
Accept RX + TX TX Combo design, dual signal one key switch.
Simple and convenient to use, suitable for a variety of equipment.
It works with Desktop, Notebook, TV set, Wireless Speaker, Wireless Headphones, Wireless Audio.

One click call: When a call comes in receive mode, press button can answer the phone.
Receive/Send with one-click switch: one-key switch of the double signal, can receive and send.
Computer connection: Take off range up to 15 meters, and enjoy the original sound music.|
TV connect: Bring a wireless headset, watch the ball late at night, not afraid to affect your family.
Wireless speaker in seconds: Just plug in the speaker or amplifier interface, and save the trouble of wiring and enjoy wireless life.

Input voltage: DC/5V
Transmission distance: 15 meters
Bluetooth vision: Wireless 5.0
Input interface: 3.5mm
Drive: No drive needed

Package Included:
1 x USB Wireless Adapter
1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 x Neutral Instruction Manual

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