6MP 360° Panoramic Indoor Fisheye Camera with Built-in Siren & Two-Way Audio


  • Multiple Display Modes
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Smart Person Detection
  • Quality Night Vision


360° Panoramic View

Monitor all corners with one camera. Seeing with 180° viewing angles horizontally and vertically, the camera provides
a 360° panoramic field to cover your store, office, meeting room, warehouse, living room, or other wide areas.


180° Angle of View*

The 180° viewing angle greatly surpasses the limit of non-fisheye cameras and will bring you
a much bigger picture and more information.


1 Fisheye Camera = 4 Cameras

Save your cost by using one fisheye camera instead of four regular cameras. Use the quad view mode and adjust the focuses to four different spots you care about — just like having four cameras in one room!

2K+ 6MP Super HD

Better than traditional 5MP fisheye cameras, fisheye camera offers crystal-clear 6MP images/videos. Never miss important details.



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