The LG 42LT560E is the year winner from CRN and the Best Award winner from the Commercial Integrator magazine because of its digital signage hardware. Its innovation lies in digital signage that can not only entertain but also maximize the impact of your message. By using your PC and the free EzSign software, you can create your own signage content. You can transfer that content by using a USB flash drive. Plug the USB flash drive in to the EzSign TV, and you can run content in the form of a billboard – no additional hardware is needed.

Advertisement, information, and a live television broadcast can be arranged on the same screen, attracting attention and delivering specific messaging to your customers.

  • neweggCost effective, simple and highly effectiveNo need to buy a media player – Create your own signage content by using your PC and the free EzSign software. Transfer that content by using a USB flash drive and plug it in to the EzSign TV to run it. The LG EzSign TV allows you to create your own signage content and make revisions on the fly. Select one of the pre-installed content templates. Apply images and add texts on it. It’s that simple.
  • neweggPublic display settingsWhen used in public areas, these HDTVs can be easily programmed by the installer to have the TV turn on at a specified channel/volume level, set the minimum/ maximum volume, lock out the control panel/remote, set the aspect ratio, and return to a factory reset. By using Power Management, these displays can be programmed to turn off if there has been no activity (remote or control panel buttons) for a preset time (1-7) hours.
  • neweggUSB cloningUSB cloning will allow for easy transfer of Public Display Settings from the “Master TV” to an unlimited number of same type televisions.
  • neweggSound is heard, not seenEnjoy a combination of smart technology and stylish design with the invisible speaker system custom tuned by audio expert Mr. Mark Levinson. This unique system provides a clean, polished look and an enhanced auditory experience by increasing the sweet spot and providing a wider sound field.
  • neweggGreen designThe 42LT560E televisions have technologies to reduce power consumption and in return increase cost savings per room. LG has also placed limits in the amounts of harmful materials used in these televisions and the 42LT560E is RoHS compliant. You can manually select your choice for the brightness level for the television. By selecting Minimum, Medium, or Maximum, the power consumption will be reduced and an increase in energy savings can be achieved.
  • neweggConnectivityAs a versatile addition to the TV viewing experience, LG’s optional autosensing Remote Jack Packs (RJP), can serve as a multimedia hub that can be installed conveniently on a table or in a wall. Connect portable devices such as a laptop, mp3 player, or a digital camera to display images, play video or music from the set.
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