Joyroom Leather Wireless Charger Gravity Air Vent Phone Holder *4100*


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• Automatically adjust according to the gravity and width of the mobile phone. It can be automatically clamped with one hand and can be operated with one hand. It is simple and does not affect the signal of the mobile phone, and does not hurt the mobile phone
• The arm of the mobile phone is formed in a triangular shape, and the bracket can be stabilized and not shaken in the road conditions such as the speed bump/bump belt/abrasive brake/rapid turn
• Using wireless charging, place and charge
• The silicone-wrapped steel core collet is more stable
• Flexible and compact, it does not block the air outlet, which is easy to carry


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4 in stock

Suit for mobile phones which width within 10cm iPhone XS/XS Max Samsung Galaxy S10

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