LDT03-13XL Swivel and Tilt Tabletop TV Stand For 37-65INCH Flat Panel TVs


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LDT03-13XL-Swivel and Tilt Tabletop TV Stand. Engineered for unparalleled watching experience, this modern TV stand can tilt and swivel to get you the best watching position. With the height adjustment up to 8 inches(200mm), it is so easily to find your ideal watching height. The solid versatile base below provides enough space for a SONOS®PLAYBASE, sound bar or other gaming system. You won’t want to miss it!

Product Category: TV Stands
Rank: Premium
Material: Steel,Plastic
Dimensions(LxWxH): 700x418x(624or654or684or714or744or774)mm (27.6″x16.5″x(24.6″or25.7″or26.9″or28.1″or29.3″or30.5″))
VESA Compatible: 200×200,300×200, 300×300,400×200, 400×300,400×400,600×400
Tilt Range: +5°~-2°
Screen Level: +3°~-3°
Instruction Manual Included: Yes