Universal Capacitive Touch Screen Pen For All Tablet Smart Phone Stylus, White *2420*


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Aluminum alloy pen body, high quality.
Arc pen body, humanized design.
Perfect-fit for Tablet PC, mobile phone, good handle feeling.
Great for reducing fingerprints on your touch screen.
The soft tip on the end of the stylus will not damage your touch screen device.
Compatible with: Smart phone, Tablet PC ( capacitive touch-screen ) such as iPhone, iPad and most of touch phone and tablet
Additional replacement round steel needle pen head (build-in).

Material: Metal
Diameter: 9 mm/0.35”
Length: 15.5cm/6.1” approx
Weight: 15g
Compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices

Package Included:
1 x Capacitive Pen
1 x Additional Pen Tip

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