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USB 2.0 Bluetooth Dongle Ver 5.0 Wireless Adapter Cordless For Laptop PC Desktop


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Type: Mini Bluetooth Adapter
Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth V5.0
Interface type: USB
Transmission distance: 0-30m
Frequency range: 2.4GHz
Rated voltage: DC 5V

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5 in stock


Bluetooth 5.0: transmission distance 0-30m, faster and more stable than Bluetooth 4.0 version transmission
Plug and play, no driver installed, mobile phone / tablet can transfer text, photos, install the full version of the driver, the computer can be connected to the Bluetooth headset / speaker
Connect the Bluetooth mouse / keyboard: get rid of the distance limit, responsive and unlimited.
Mobile phone / tablet connected to the computer: no need to open the software, no network can also transfer photos and files
Support multi-device connection: to achieve computer connection with other Bluetooth-enabled devices (mobile / tablet / mouse keyboard / Bluetooth headset / Bluetooth speaker / game controller / printer, etc.)

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