USB External DVD-RW CD-RW DVD CD Burner Rewriter ROM Drive

USB 2.0 compliant, Backwards compatible with USB1.0, 1.1
Black external slim drive
Emergency eject hole
Fully plug & play, easy to install and use
USB optical drive with the durable plastic casing
Support Windows 2000 or later version Mac OS 8.6 and above
Fits for Notebook or desktop computer with a USB 1.0, USB2.0 or USB 3.0 port for USB connection



The DVD/CD RW drive provides high speed DVD and CD burning for PC, Mac and Notebook users, allowing you to create high quality DVDs.
Simply plug the drive into an available USB port for instant access to a 24x DVD/RW drive.
These high-speed USB2.0 DVD-RW are a great way to add the ability to burn DVDs and CDs to your computer.

High Writing & Reading Speed
Write Speed:
Max CD-R : 24x
Max CD-RW: 8x
Read Speed:
Max DVD+R: 8x
Max DVD-R: 8x
Max CD-ROM: 24x
Max CD-R: 24x
Product Dimensions: 5.44in x 5.32in x 0.78in

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