USB Wireless Controller Audio Adapter Receiver&Transmitter Supports Voice Calls *4554*


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3 in stock

The product is powered on by default in the transmit mode.
The product is easy to operate and is free to send or receive all  audio.
Accept RX + TX TX Combo design, dual signal one key switch.
Simple and convenient to use, suitable for a variety of equipment.
It works with Desktop, Notebook, TV set, Wireless Speaker, Wireless Headphones, Wireless Audio.

One click call: When a call comes in receive mode, press button can answer the phone.
Receive/Send with one-click switch: one-key switch of the double signal, can receive and send.
Computer connection: Take off range up to 15 meters, and enjoy the original sound music.|
TV connect: Bring a wireless headset, watch the ball late at night, not afraid to affect your family.
Wireless speaker in seconds: Just plug in the speaker or amplifier interface, and save the trouble of wiring and enjoy wireless life.

Input voltage: DC/5V
Transmission distance: 15 meters
Bluetooth vision: Wireless 5.0
Input interface: 3.5mm
Drive: No drive needed

Package Included:
1 x USB Wireless Adapter
1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable
1 x Neutral Instruction Manual

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