Wireless Doorbell PIR Motion Sensor Driveway Chime Alarm Home Security Alert *1300*


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5 in stock

Wireless Motion Sensor Chime Doorbell Detect Alert

You can practically use these sensors and transmitter for almost any sensory type activity you need, in garage or parking car space, camping, at door where you can get alerted on silent package deliveries

Reliable Range
Communication range of up to 70m/229ft (the distance from the sensors to the receiver In The Open Air), allowing you to place it a good distance from the receiver to warn you of arrival and departure of family members. unwanted guests or solicitors, or anyone who visits your home or business

Detection range of the infrared sensor of approximately 3-7m/ 9.8 -23ft to effectively keep you alerted, Ideal for front doors, window frames, driveways, walking paths, and anywhere in your home you want to be alerted to motion

Has stand for receiver and mounts for sensors, came with screws and double stick tape. Each device can be battery operated, and have usb plugs on all 3 to be hard wired

Different Ringtones
The receiver is a doorbell design with 38 different ringtones for personal preferences, Let you know when someone pulls into your driveway.

Help deter break in
Whether it’s a door or a window, install a wireless home security alarm, and you’ll know for the first time if a bad guy enters the detection range.

Applicable place
Used in banks, supermarkets, office, convenience stores, shops, hotels, factories and homes and other places, to you and your family and friends of the production and life of convenience, pleasure and security.

Adopts advanced infrared detect technology.
No wiring design makes it simple to use and easy to install.
Long sensing distance.
38 songs for choice in total, you can choose the song through click the music key on the side of receiver.
3 levels of volume for adjust, you can adjust it by click the volume key on the side of receiver.
The receiver has the function to set voiced noiseless modes, you need to adjust it by click the volume key on the side of receiver.
It is functional for home, office, or commercial buildings.
The transmitter is powered by 3 AAA batteries, the batteries are not included in this item.

Package Included:
1 x Motion Sensor
1 x Motion Sensor Mounting Kit
1 x Chime Doorbell

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