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If you are experiencing issues with your surveillance system or CCTV cameras, CDC Computers offers expert CCTV camera repair services in Winnipeg.

Our technicians have over 20 years of experience in installing and maintaining both indoor and outdoor surveillance security systems. We can quickly diagnose and repair any problems with your existing surveillance system to ensure your security is not compromised. We keep essential parts in stock, guarantee a minimal waiting time for our customers, and provide warranties for all repairs. Trust the award-winning surveillance experts at CDC Computers for reliable and affordable CCTV camera repair services.

Get a free diagnostic today and experience fast turnaround and same-day repairs. Your security is our priority.

CDC Computers can ensure your CCTV systems are protecting your staff, buildings and assets at all times.

Professional Repair and Installation Services

Professional Repair and Installation Services​

Why You Need Surveillance CCTV Cameras?

Surveillance CCTV cameras are indispensable for ensuring safety and security. They act as a strong deterrent against crimes, provide material evidence for solving cases, and protect properties from theft. These cameras enhance public safety, aid in traffic control, and offer peace of mind. Whether at home, work, or in public spaces, they play a crucial role in maintaining security and monitoring activities.

  1. New CCTV camera installations.
  2. Camera repair services.
  3. DVR and NVR setup and maintenance.
  4. Indoor and outdoor camera setups.
  5. System upgrades for improved performance.
  6. Viewing on PC, mobile devices, and tablets.
  7. Enhanced video recording storage solutions.

We provide a full range of solutions to meet your surveillance needs, from new installations to system upgrades and maintenance.

  1. Box Camera: A box camera is a traditional camera that is used in custom enclosures. It is versatile and can be adapted for specific surveillance needs.

  2. Dome Camera: Dome cameras are named for their dome-shaped housings. They are often used in indoor and outdoor settings and are less obtrusive.

  3. PTZ Camera (Pan-Tilt-Zoom): PTZ cameras are remotely controllable and can pan, tilt, and zoom to capture various angles. They are excellent for wide-area coverage.

  4. Bullet Camera: Bullet cameras are cylindrical and suitable for long-distance viewing. They are commonly used in outdoor applications.

  5. IP Camera (Internet Protocol Camera): IP cameras connect to the internet, allowing users to view footage remotely. They come in various types, including dome and bullet cameras.

  6. Day/Night Camera: These cameras are designed to capture high-quality images in both daytime and low-light or nighttime conditions.

  7. Thermal (FLIR) Camera: Thermal cameras detect heat, making them ideal for applications where visual light is limited, such as in complete darkness or in detecting intruders.

  8. Wireless IP Camera: These IP cameras connect wirelessly to a network, eliminating the need for physical cables and simplifying installation.

  • No 1 Award Winning Service In Winnipeg.
  • We diagnose all problems at free of cost.
  • We offer best price for Surveillance CCTV Cameras
  • We repair all brands like Apple, Sony Vaio, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Thinkpad, Toshiba, Dell and all other.
  • We use all original parts if replacement requires.
  • Highly qualified and experienced technicians.

Installation Experts Surveillance CCTV Cameras

Installation Experts Surveillance CCTV Cameras is our specialized service dedicated to providing professional installation and setup of surveillance CCTV camera systems. Our expert technicians have over 20 years of experience in this field, ensuring the highest quality of service. Our goal is to provide reliable and affordable CCTV camera services with fast turnaround times. All our repairs come with a warranty, ensuring your peace of mind. Whether it’s for your home or business, our Installation Experts Surveillance CCTV Cameras service will help you safeguard your property and assets effectively.

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03:31 02 Jun 22
This was my first time visiting CDC Computers. I had the great pleasure meeting Cameron, who was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. He was able to fix my broken notebook and also offer some great advice. I can highly recommend CDC Computers to anyone in need of computer repair. Give them a try, you won’t regret it. Thanks for an exceptional service.
John StylesJohn Styles
17:21 05 Dec 20
I purchased 2 cables from cdc and unfortunately they didn’t work for what I needed. I reached out to the company and was taken care of. They went above and beyond to take care of me. Amazing customer service!
Fantasy LakeFantasy Lake
02:04 10 Nov 20
Very friendly service and they take their time with their customers. Not that hurried feeling you get from other computer centres. I have had a couple issues with the tablet I purchased. They took the device for inspection, no receipt and no questions asked. Warranties are all filed in their system.
Chuck KellerChuck Keller
19:39 09 Nov 20
Jonathan was very knowledgeable when I was purchasing a laptop. Great service , friendly staff. Great experience
Andrea MeneiAndrea Menei
20:12 26 Aug 20
As soon as I walked in the greeted us and ask how we were doing and what we need done. Then Jonathan helped us with all our needs friendly fast and efficient. Very friendly and professional and I will definitely be coming back here again
A.V.V MarshallA.V.V Marshall
03:24 25 Jul 20
Took my computer in for what ended up being an easy fix. The staff here are incredibly friendly, and take the time to explain the issue. They are honest and had me on my way in quick order. Very grateful to have had their help. I highly recommend this place, my experience was nothing but positive.