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Computer Virus and Malware Removal Services in Winnipeg

Virus Removal Winnipeg, Manitoba. CDC Computers are experts in properly removing viruses, other malicious threats, repairing the damages and safely protecting your files.

Computer running slow? Erratic software behavior? Programs not working? Missing icons? System rebooting on its own? Strange and unfamiliar messages? System freezing? Unfamiliar programs? Unable to access internet usage?  Numerous internet and windows pop-ups?


    • Virus Check and Removal
    • Spyware/Malware Removal
    • Rootkit Detection and Removal
    • Network Security Scan and Reporting Browser Exploits
    • Antivirus Configuration and Installation

“Restore your PC to optimum performance.”

Virus and Spyware Removal Services

CDC Computers provides comprehensive Computer Virus and Malware Removal Services to ensure the health and security of your digital devices. Our expert technicians are well-equipped to eliminate all types of viruses, malware, spyware, Trojans, and other malicious software that might have infected your system. We go the extra mile to safeguard your computer from data theft and loss.

Are you experiencing a noticeable slowdown in your computer’s performance? Are pesky pop-up ads becoming a constant annoyance? These could be telltale signs of a virus or spyware infection. Don’t compromise the safety of your personal information. Our team can detect and remove any infections, ensuring your computer is shielded from future attacks.

  • Identify and eliminate a wide range of viruses, Spyware, Malware
  • Provide top-notch future-proof protection
  • Viruses don’t merely monitor your activities, compromise your data, or steal your online banking information; they can also damage your hard drive. To prevent such issues in the future, refrain from using free software and ensure your computer is always equipped with antivirus or security programs.
  1. Use strong and unique passwords for all your accounts.
  2. Employ a reputable password manager to keep track of your passwords.
  3. Be cautious of the websites you visit; avoid suspicious ones.
  4. Download files and software only from trusted sources.
  5. Keep your operating system and software up to date.
  6. Utilize a reliable antivirus program.
  7. Enable your firewall for added security.
  8. Regularly back up your important data.
  9. Be aware of common online threats like viruses, malware, and phishing attacks.
  10. Learn to recognize phishing emails and avoid clicking on suspicious links.
  11. Secure your Wi-Fi network with a strong password and encryption.
  12. Always log out of your accounts when using public computers.
  13. Keep your social media profiles and personal information private.
  14. Verify the legitimacy of requests for personal information.
  15. Use secure and encrypted connections for online shopping and banking.
  16. Monitor your financial statements for any unauthorized transactions.
  17. Don’t overshare personal information on social media platforms.
  18. Regularly update your router’s firmware for a secure network.
  19. Use two-factor authentication for added account security.
  20. Keep your devices and software up to date with the latest security patches.
  1. Unexpected Pop-Up Windows: If you frequently encounter unexpected pop-up ads or windows while browsing, it could be a sign of adware or malware.

  2. Slow Startup and Performance: A sudden slowdown in your computer’s startup time and overall performance may indicate the presence of malware or a virus.

  3. Suspicious Hard Drive Activity: Unusual or suspicious activity on your hard drive, such as constant read or write operations, can be a sign of malware attempting to manipulate your files.

  4. Lack of RAM Memory or Hard Disk Space: Malware can consume system resources, causing your computer to run out of memory or hard disk space more quickly.

  5. Missing or Deleted Files: Files disappearing or getting deleted without your knowledge could be a result of malware activity.

  6. Crashes and Blue Screen Errors: Frequent system crashes and blue screen error messages are clear indicators that something may be seriously wrong with your computer.

  7. High Network Activity and Data Usage: Unexplained spikes in network activity and data usage might suggest the presence of malware, especially if your computer is transmitting data without your consent.

  8. Email Hijacking: If your email account sends out spam or suspicious emails to your contacts without your knowledge, it could be compromised.

  9. System Freezes or Shutdowns: Frequent system freezes or unexpected shutdowns without any apparent reason are red flags for a potential malware infection.

  1. Create Smart and Strong Passwords: Use complex passwords that include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Avoid easily guessable information like birthdates or common words.

  2. Use Email Wisely: Be cautious when opening email attachments or clicking on links, especially if the sender is unknown. Email attachments can contain malware.

  3. Be Smart When Using Instant Messaging (IM) Programs: Exercise caution when receiving files or links through IM services. Only accept files from trusted sources.

  4. Shop Safely: When shopping online, use secure websites with “https” in the URL. Avoid sharing sensitive financial information on unsecured sites.

  5. Watch Out for Phishing Scams: Be wary of emails or websites that ask for personal or financial information. Verify the legitimacy of requests before providing any details.

  6. Fun and Carefree Online Gaming: Stay safe while gaming by avoiding sharing personal information with other players. Use privacy settings to control who can interact with you.

  7. Pay Attention to Your Children’s Online Activities: Monitor and educate your children about safe online practices. Use parental control software to protect them from inappropriate content.

  8. Subscribe to a GOOD Security Service: Invest in reputable security software that includes antivirus, firewall, and anti-malware protection. Keep the software up to date for the best security.

These are some well-known antivirus and internet security software options to consider for protecting your computer and online activities. When choosing one, consider your specific needs, such as the devices you want to protect, additional features, and your budget. Conduct some research and possibly try out free trials to determine which one suits you best. It’s also essential to keep your chosen software up to date to ensure optimal protection against evolving threats.

  • Norton AntiVirus Plus
  • F-Secure Antivirus SAFE.
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus.
  • Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security.
  • No 1 Award Winning Service In Winnipeg.
  • We diagnose all problems at free of cost.
  • We offer best price for Computer Virus and Malware Removal Services
  • We repair all brands like Apple, Sony Vaio, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Thinkpad, Toshiba, Dell and all other.
  • We use all original parts if replacement requires.
  • Highly qualified and experienced technicians.

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Have you encountered a situation where your data seems to have vanished? There’s no need to panic! At CDC Computers, we specialize in data recovery, and we can assist you in retrieving your lost files.

Clients from across Winnipeg trust us for our Clean Up Services, as we are committed to restoring their systems to optimal functionality. If your computer has fallen victim to an infection and you’re looking for a hassle-free solution, our data security experts can connect remotely to your PC. They’ll work with you personally to eradicate malware and get your system back on track swiftly, saving you time and frustration. Your peace of mind and the safety of your data are our top priorities.

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03:31 02 Jun 22
This was my first time visiting CDC Computers. I had the great pleasure meeting Cameron, who was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. He was able to fix my broken notebook and also offer some great advice. I can highly recommend CDC Computers to anyone in need of computer repair. Give them a try, you won’t regret it. Thanks for an exceptional service.
John StylesJohn Styles
17:21 05 Dec 20
I purchased 2 cables from cdc and unfortunately they didn’t work for what I needed. I reached out to the company and was taken care of. They went above and beyond to take care of me. Amazing customer service!
Fantasy LakeFantasy Lake
02:04 10 Nov 20
Very friendly service and they take their time with their customers. Not that hurried feeling you get from other computer centres. I have had a couple issues with the tablet I purchased. They took the device for inspection, no receipt and no questions asked. Warranties are all filed in their system.
Chuck KellerChuck Keller
19:39 09 Nov 20
Jonathan was very knowledgeable when I was purchasing a laptop. Great service , friendly staff. Great experience
Andrea MeneiAndrea Menei
20:12 26 Aug 20
As soon as I walked in the greeted us and ask how we were doing and what we need done. Then Jonathan helped us with all our needs friendly fast and efficient. Very friendly and professional and I will definitely be coming back here again
A.V.V MarshallA.V.V Marshall
03:24 25 Jul 20
Took my computer in for what ended up being an easy fix. The staff here are incredibly friendly, and take the time to explain the issue. They are honest and had me on my way in quick order. Very grateful to have had their help. I highly recommend this place, my experience was nothing but positive.